About WCR FM Community Radio

Taste Wolverhampton is broadcast every Sunday between 8.00-10.00am on Wolverhampton’s only community radio station 101.8 WCR FM.

About 101.8 WCR FM

WCR FM is FROM Wolverhampton, BY Wolverhampton and FOR Wolverhampton – and we happen to think those three things are really important.

  • FROM Wolverhampton – everything we do comes directly from our studios right here in Your City. You won’t hear what WE do on any other station.
  • BY Wolverhampton – local presenters, bringing you local infomation, involving local people. That means YOU. To coin a famous phrase – We do it for You!
  • FOR Wolverhampton – Wolverhampton is our area. We concentrate on Your City. No-one else is able to cover Wolverhampton in such a comprehensive way.

101.8 WCR FM is the Local Radio service for the City of Wolverhampton. It is operated by Wolverhampton Community Radio Training (WCRT), and licensed by Ofcom, the UK Radio regulator.

Over the years we’ve provided specialised training in Radio broadcast skills and run a number of radio services.

We were established as the Wolverhampton Community Radio Association (WCRA) back in 1986 and the training company began in 1996. We’ve operated as “Challenge FM”, “Forge FM”, “One City FM”, “Wolverhampton Campus Radio” and currently “101.8 WCR FM”.

Since 1986 WCR’s chief goal has been to bring quality and diversity to the radio medium, from providing training in basic radio skills to giving local people access to radio. Every year dozens of local organisations of all types use WCR to spread information.

Over the years WCR has established extensive links with the community, representing a wide variety of social groups, all of which are frequently represented and highlighted on air. Differing, however, form the majority of news-based programming on radio, 101.8 WCR FM always places a positive emphasis on events and activities, highlighting good news stories and informing the listener of how a project, scheme or activity will benefit the community.

Many presenters have professional broadcasting experience and we strive to make our output as professional as possible: even though nobody is paid. Volunteers are always welcome: either to broadcast or behind the scenes. We particularly welcome local community and business groups and individuals.

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