Advertising on WCR FM couldn’t be easier – or cheaper for that matter.

WCR Fm and your cityWCR FM is obliged to operate on a not-for-profit basis (unlike other commercial radio stations you might know of) and so we don’t have any share-holders to give our/your hard-earned money to. So any money we make is put directly back into making the radio station even better. If you decide to advertise with us, you’ll really be helping us and the local community at the same time!

We offer a straightforward pattern of advertising or sponsorship. When it runs is up to you, what it says is up to you (we simply have to ensure it complies with standard broadcast advertising rules), and what you’ll pay is very much less than you’d pay on other stations in the area. In fact, by our reckoning, it could even be less than half the cost… and at the moment that really matters, doesn’t it?

But your message will still be heard by potentially the same mix of people. You see, our area is designated as ‘Wolverhampton’, so listeners can reasonably expect to hear your commercial on WCR FM within a 5km radius of the city centre. Our region is laid out by Ofcom, the UK Radio regulator, and official coverage details can be found on their website.

And who listens? Aha – the six-million dollar question! Well, take a look around the City. The potential audience is out there. We know they’re listening… and what’s more, we know they like what we do!

Whether you want to run straightforward adverts, or you would like to sponsor a particular programme or on-air item, we can help.

Sounds good? Just get in touch! We like things to be straightforward and so if just you want to spread your message, we’ll help you out as much as we can. What have you got to lose!

Contact us by calling 01902 572260 or simply drop an email to and someone will be happy to discuss your options.