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Keep safe and support your local traders when you can.

Scores on the Doors

Scores on the Doors

I’ve long felt that the Scores on the Doors ratings for all premises selling food should be displayed by all shops, cafes and restaurants: not just those with a good score.

If you chat to people in the trade on a regular basis, as I do, you’ll know that it’s quite easy to make a silly slip-up that can get you a low score: forgetting to note a fridge temperature, for example. But it’s also easy to be re-assessed, which is what any self-respecting purveyor will do.

So, when you look at your Scores on the Doors app or the website and you see a result that horrifies you, it’s worth checking how recently an inspection took place. If it was very recently, then mention it if you are thinking of making a booking.

However, if the last inspection was several months ago, you have to ask why anyone with a low score has not insisted on a quick reinspection. It may be that inspectors are unavailable, or it may be that the owner simply isn’t that bothered.

You are the customer. Where you spend your money, and with whom you trust your safety, are your choices. Be careful out there.

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Dangerous eating in Wolverhampton

Latest dangerous eatery in Wolverhampton: Eat4Less.

There are some places in Wolverhampton that have had a grade 1 for months. Shouldn’t they close until re-inspected and approved by Wolverhampton City Council?

Eateries with a current Grade 1:
KFC Bentley, inspected December 2016
The Stile Polish Restaurant, last inspected in April 2016.
Bottle & Brew Limited, 92A Showell Road, Wolverhampton.
Calif Bar, 179 Stafford Court, Stafford Street, Whitmore Reans.
Eat4Less, 4 Dudley Street, City Centre, Wolverhampton.
India Gates, 6 – 8 Mount Pleasant, Wolverhampton.
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Unit 7, Bentley Bridge Park.
Snacks & Sweets, 312 Prestwood Road, Wolverhampton.
The Stile (Polish Restaurant), The Stile, 3 Harrow Street, Wolverhampton.

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Shrewsbury Chocolate Festival 2016

Shrewsbury Chocolate Festival

This is where I’ll be on Saturday afternoon: at the Shrewsbury Chocolate Festival.

I interviewed Ed Kimber there last year: a charming chap.

I will take my recording kit with me again this weekend … though the temptation is always to taste rather than talk.

Sadly not the same as the last 2 years somehow. A different atmosphere ans somehow … less chocolatey.