Dangerous eating in Wolverhampton

Latest dangerous eatery in Wolverhampton: Eat4Less.

There are some places in Wolverhampton that have had a grade 1 for months. Shouldn’t they close until re-inspected and approved by Wolverhampton City Council?

Eateries with a current Grade 1:
KFC Bentley, inspected December 2016
The Stile Polish Restaurant, last inspected in April 2016.
Bottle & Brew Limited, 92A Showell Road, Wolverhampton.
Calif Bar, 179 Stafford Court, Stafford Street, Whitmore Reans.
Eat4Less, 4 Dudley Street, City Centre, Wolverhampton.
India Gates, 6 – 8 Mount Pleasant, Wolverhampton.
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Unit 7, Bentley Bridge Park.
Snacks & Sweets, 312 Prestwood Road, Wolverhampton.
The Stile (Polish Restaurant), The Stile, 3 Harrow Street, Wolverhampton.

Source : https://www.scoresonthedoors.org.uk/search.php?client_id=1000048&name=&address=&postcode=wv1&distance=5&gbt_id=0&award_score=fhrs1&award_range=lt&search.x=39&search.y=14

Sherry Week 2016

Sherry Week

Another Sunday morning and another opportunity to learn more about wine with Simon pops in to teach me about Sherry.

Apparently it’s more than a trifling matter.

Shrewsbury Chocolate Festival 2016

Shrewsbury Chocolate Festival

This is where I’ll be on Saturday afternoon: at the Shrewsbury Chocolate Festival.

I interviewed Ed Kimber there last year: a charming chap.

I will take my recording kit with me again this weekend … though the temptation is always to taste rather than talk.

Sadly not the same as the last 2 years somehow. A different atmosphere ans somehow … less chocolatey.

Wolverhampton Beer Festival 2016

Wolverhampton Beer Festival

On Saturday 11th June, I did a 3-hour live broadcast from the Wolverhampton Beer festival. We had a few technical glitches which sadly took out most of one interview, but overall it went well I think.

Special thanks are due to the many people interviewed, + Andy Beaton, Andy Walters and Ian Burt, who all made it happen.



Welcome to this new website to accompany the Taste Wolverhampton radio show.

Taste Wolverhampton is broadcast on Wolverhampton’s community radio station. If you’re in or close to Wolverhampton, you can hear it on your real radio on 101.8 fm. It is also available on-line at www.wcrfm.com.

There are pages on the website telling you more about the aims of the Taste Wolverhampton programme and the radio station 101.8WCRfm. You are invited to get involved with both. None of us are paid, so we rely on goodwill, advertisers and sponsors.

I was unsure about continuing the programme after taking a break in November 2013. Wolverhampton seemed to have been in decline since it became a city, and it was hard to find new material to broadcast about. But walking around in July 2014 the place seemed a bit brighter. A few interesting new places to eat have opened, while the bakery Baked in Tettenhall did so well in ITV’s Britain’s Best Bakery earlier this year. And we now have the West Midlands’ first micropub and a new brewery.

So, let’s hope Wolverhampton is coming back to life and let’s give it some support. Feel free to post in events and get involved in WCRfm: your local radio station. This website is very new, so some areas will see further growth: the events diary in particular, and the links page a little more. I’m not planning a list of local eateries at this stage or taking adverts, but either could change. If you’d like to advertise your local business, please contact the WCRfm Sales team.


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