Local Guidance on Covid-19 safety in pubs, cafes and restaurants

As mentioned in Taste Wolverhampton this morning, pubs, bars and restaurants in Wolverhampton are being reminded they must keep their customers safe and limit the spread of coronavirus. The warning comes after instances in other parts of the country where establishments were closed down either because they were linked to an outbreak of Covid-19 or not operating in a Covid-secure manner.

All pubs, bars and restaurants are reminded they must:

  1. record all customers’ details so that NHS Test and Trace can contact them in the event of an outbreak.
  2. ensure customers only socialise in groups of up to 2 households (including support bubbles) indoors, or in groups of no more than 6 people from different households outdoors.
  3. ensure staff and customers are able to practise regular handwashing and good hygiene.
  4. if 2 or more members of staff test positive for Covid-19, notify the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Public Health team by emailing healthprotection@wolverhampton.gov.uk and Public Health England by calling 0344 225 3560 and choosing option 0 and then option 2.

Any business found to be operating dangerously could be closed down using powers given to local councils under the Coronavirus Act 2020. Businesses which would like support with interpreting the latest guidance should contact the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Trade With Confidence team on 01902 552079 or via tradewithconfidence.food@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

Stay Safe, Be Kind

Wolves Council help with Scores on the Doors

It’s shocking how many traders in Wolverhampton still have Scores on the (urgent improvement necessary). The graphic below shows the listing accurate as of this afternoon.
On Monday Wolverhampton City Council announced its new Trade With Confidence scheme, to proved training and support for traders to aim for and achieve a top 5 rating.
It would help if all traders had to publicly display their ratings, so you should ask yourself: if the place you are about to eat does not have its food hygiene rating on prominent display, why is that?
The Council’s new website for Trade with Confidence is http://tradewithconfidence.org.uk/
screen grab from Scores on the Doors
I was at the launch, and it sounds very promising.

Scores on the Doors

Scores on the Doors

I’ve long felt that the Scores on the Doors ratings for all premises selling food should be displayed by all shops, cafes and restaurants: not just those with a good score.

If you chat to people in the trade on a regular basis, as I do, you’ll know that it’s quite easy to make a silly slip-up that can get you a low score: forgetting to note a fridge temperature, for example. But it’s also easy to be re-assessed, which is what any self-respecting purveyor will do.

So, when you look at your Scores on the Doors app or the website and you see a result that horrifies you, it’s worth checking how recently an inspection took place. If it was very recently, then mention it if you are thinking of making a booking.

However, if the last inspection was several months ago, you have to ask why anyone with a low score has not insisted on a quick reinspection. It may be that inspectors are unavailable, or it may be that the owner simply isn’t that bothered.

You are the customer. Where you spend your money, and with whom you trust your safety, are your choices. Be careful out there.

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Wolverhampton Beer Festival 2016

Wolverhampton Beer Festival

On Saturday 11th June, I did a 3-hour live broadcast from the Wolverhampton Beer festival. We had a few technical glitches which sadly took out most of one interview, but overall it went well I think.

Special thanks are due to the many people interviewed, + Andy Beaton, Andy Walters and Ian Burt, who all made it happen.